Language Assistants

Melissa ("Meli")

Hi, I'm Melissa from Texas, where we love football and bbq, most people just call me Meli. I am now a third year Auxiliar de Conversacion in Spain, and am excited to be at Torrente Ballester. In my free time, I really enjoy reading, travelling and dancing. After living and working in Spain for two years, I am obsessed with tortilla and calamares. I look forward to spending the next year teaching and working with my students at Torrente Ballester.

Jacqueline ("Jackie")
Hello everyone! My name is Jacqueline, or Jackie as some people like to call me. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Arizona is mostly a desert state and it's famous for having the Grand Canyon. It is a really beautiful state with many things to do, although are summers are very hot. The last four years I have been living here in Spain. Before coming to this school I was teaching English in Alcorcón. I really love Spain (especially eating yummy tortilla). In my free time I love reading books, watching Netflix, hiking, and traveling. I look forward to enjoying my time here at this school.

Hi there, I'm Laura! I'm from the state of Minnesota, which is a U.S. state located by Canada. I came to Spain a year ago because I wanted to continue teaching English and practicing my Spanish. I love Minnesota, but I also love traveling and living abroad! I previously lived and taught English in Mexico and Colombia for two years. In my free time, I like to bake desserts, run (so I can eat more desserts), read novels, go hiking and camping, and travel. I'm excited to spend another year at Colegio Torrente Ballester.

Halloween 2018 at Colegio Torrente Ballester (Melissa, Jacqueline and Laura)