jueves, 26 de abril de 2018


On Wednesday, some of our best primary school spellers went to Madrid to compete in the Facepm Spelling Bee. Teacher Noemi and auxiliar Melissa accompanied the students to the contest. They had some difficult words to spell, but they did a great job! Congratulations, students!

Yaiza (6th grade) and Biagio (5th grade), Nora (4th grade), Saira (3rd grade) and Emilio (1st grade) all competed in the Spelling Bee

Our students with Noemi and Melissa

Emilio, 1st grade

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Earth Day recycled maracas in Infantil

To continue celebrating Earth day, we recycled old containers to make fun maracas. The kids learned about the Earth and things we can do to help the planet stay clean. Then, we put rice into the bottles, covered the top of the bottles, and made the maracas. Check out their recycled instruments!

Happy Earth Day from 1st and 2nd grade!

Earth Day was Sunday, April 22nd. This week, we are learning about Earth day and things we can do that are good for the planet. With 1st and 2nd grade, we watched a short video about the environment and both good and bad things we do to the planet. Then, the children brainstormed their own ideas of things they can do to help the Earth.

Finally, each student cut and colored a picture of Earth and wrote three of their ideas on three hearts. We are going to string the hearts to the Earth to create a mobile. The kids are learning a lot and really enjoying the project! They're excited to take it home and show their parents.

Primary 1A with their planets

2nd grade coloring their earths

Amelia's 2nd grade class
Ana's 2nd grade class

1st grade with Amelia

1st graders punching holes into their hearts and Earths

Many of the students learned to tie a knot in order to do the craft. They enjoyed the project and learned about positive things we can do for the Earth!

The final product!

Happy Earth Day!

Infantil students go to the theater

This week, our infantil students went to the theater in Parla to see a wonderful and interactive play in English! The students got to practice the words they know, learn new words, sing, dance, clap, and even go up on stage to participate in the show! They had a lot of fun at the theater!

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Open House / Puertas Abiertas

Last week was "Open House" (Puertas Abiertas) at Torrente Ballester. On Friday, each of us auxiliares worked with different classes to do a fun activity. In infantil, Melissa taught the kids the story of "The Three Little Pigs." In primary school, Jason worked with his students on a science project. In ESO 1, my students worked in teams to put together and label a puzzle of a map of the United States. Check out Melissa's storyboards!