jueves, 21 de febrero de 2019

Acts of Kindness Walll

For February, the students have created an "Acts of Kindness" wall in the upstairs primary school hallway. Each student, from Primary grade 1 to grade 6, wrote an act of kindness on a heart. These acts of kindness are things students can do and complete during the month of February. Each student will choose a heart from the wall next week, and they will have to complete that action. Then, once a student finishes the action, they will give the heart to their teacher to keep track of how many students have completed an act of kindness. We hope this will spread more kindness among all students in primary school! Check out their ideas and the final wall!

Say hello to other students and to the cooks.

Give a present.

Set the table at home.
Make someone happy.

Invite a student to play. / Share your toys.

Give a compliment. / Be nice to someone.

Invite a student to play. / If someone is sad, help them.

If someone falls, help them stand up.

Students from 1A putting up their hearts

The Acts of Kindness wall

Take a heart, do your part!

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2019

4th Grade Science Projects

Jacqueline did some beautiful science projects with her 4th grade classes! The kids were reviewing different types of animals and then made booklets about their animal type. Check out the final projects below.

Valentine's Celebration

Last week, our students made Valentine's cards for the other classes and for their families. Check out some of their work below! They had a fun time decorating and writing in their cards. Happy February!