lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018

Infantil class: Classroom Vocabulary and Body Parts

In Infantil, the children are learning basic classroom vocabulary and phrases to be able to communicate well in English during the rest of the year. The children were learning phrases such as, "listen," "see," and "turn on the lights," to name a few. Soon enough, they'll be saying these phrases with ease!

In another infantil class, the children were practicing body parts with Melissa. Here, the kids are practicing identifying the main body parts.

Of course, what is English in infantil without a fun song to go along with the vocabulary?! The kids had a great time pointing and moving about to learn the body parts in English!

5th Grade Science Lab

In 5th grade, the kids were looking at leaves, dirty water, and yogurt bacteria through a microscope. What a fun and interesting day in science class! Thanks to teacher Melissa for the science lesson and photos!

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