lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

3rd Grade Habitat boxes

For Open House, the third graders built habitat dioramas out of shoe boxes, paper, and other supplies. The students worked in groups to create their habitats. Check out their creative dioramas below!

And the finished projects...

Lucky Charms for March!

For our March project, we transformed the heart wall and changed them into shamrocks. Each grade cut out and colored a small shamrock. Students also had to write something for which they are lucky on the shamrock. Students posted these on the wall for the whole school to see. Check out the wall on the top floor of the primary school! 💚


Open House with 5 year olds

Melissa worked hard to create a beautiful interactive map for her classes with five year olds. The students learned names of professions as well as important buildings around town, and then practiced by using this big floor map.

Materials and Properties Projects with 2nd Grade

Materials and properties can be a tricky subject for 2nd graders! That's why we've spent the past few science classes working on different interactive and small group projects to get them to learn the subject well and apply some creativity to their work.

For the first activity, we gave each student one or two pictures to cut, color, identify and then put into categories on a class poster. They learned some new words and some "not so new" words (did you know that a Cubo Rubik is very similar in English: Rubix Cube)? The kids loved finding that out!

For the second project, students had to complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two different objects of their choice. They had to work with a partner, think of two objects, and write descriptions for their materials and properties.

For the most difficult and last project, students worked in groups of 4-6 students to solve a "problem." They worked in their "engineering teams" to "construct" (draw) their structures, label them, and identify the materials and properties. There were three different problems and each group got one problem:

1. You will create the "ultimate playground," but you only have money for three structures. What structures will you build and with what materials?

2. You are an animal and you need to build a suit of armor to protect yourself from other dangerous animals. What kind of suit of armor will you build, with what materials, and why?

3. You are under attack and you need to build a strong home or shelter to protect yourself. What kind of shelter will you build and why? What materials will you use?

The students also had to complete a checklist to keep their group on track. Students had to list their materials, draw and label their picture, and list the properties. Finally, students had to present their problem, their solution, their picture, materials/properties, and other information to the class.

Giant Easter Card with Infantil (5 years old)

Melissa has been working with the five year olds to create a giant Easter card. Each student created an egg that has a part to lift up and read "Happy Easter"! The kids loved this project and they were so happy to see the final creation.

Happy Easter from our 5 year olds!

1st Grade Easter Cards for Families

Our first graders have been working on some beautiful Easter cards for their families. Check out their works in progress! 

Foods with Infantil

Our infantil students have been working on different foods lately, so Jacqueline brought in a fun activity in which students had to create a lunch plate with foods they like to eat.   

2nd Grade Easter Cards for E-Twinning Project

Last week, our second graders created Easter egg cards to send to England for the E-Twinning Project.   


First, the kids had to color their individual Easter egg.

Then, they had to trace and cut out a black background for the eggs.

After that, the students had to glue the bottom of their Easter egg to the black paper and then punch a hole through the top part of the egg and fasten it with a brass fastener.

The brass fastener allows the top of the egg to open.

The students in England are going to love receiving these cards from our second graders!

Materials and Properties in 2nd Grade Science

In science class in second grade, the kids have been learning about different materials (such as wood, glass, metal, and others) and properties of those materials. Last week, the students had to think of an object, label and write the materials from which is it made, and describe the properties. The students loved working in groups to create their drawing and descriptions.